21 Iconic Pieces From Serena Van Der Woodsen’s Closet You Can Buy Right Now

21 Iconic Pieces From Blair Waldorf’s Closet You Can Buy Right Now

9 Signs You Are A Broke New York City Fashionista

10 Things You Start Doing As A Real Adult


The Huffington Post

A Season of Darkness and Light

Broke is the New Black

Why We Need a Little Oversharing 

How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life

Confessions of a Designer Bag Lady

10 Things Gossip Girl Taught Me About Fashion

For a Good Time at the Movies, Hire a Babysitter

The Perks of Being a Blonde

Felines, Fashion’s New Muses

My September Issues

My Colorful Addiction

How I Learned To Love Being Tall

The Gloss

I Regret My $33,000 Credit Card Debt

How I Learned To Deal With My Frenemies

I Was A Real Life Gossip Girl

The Pros & Cons Of Having Big Boobs

I’m Insecure About Not Having a Boyfriend

I Met Some Guys Online And…It Was Weird

I Didn’t Have My First Kiss Until I Was 17

The 5 Craziest Things I’ve Done To Get A Guy To Like Me


College Candy

5 Underappreciated Queen Bees of the 90s


The Jane Dough (now The Maude)

What We Can Learn from Celebrity Career Failures


Forever Twenty Somethings

12 Days of Gifts: What to Get Your Coworkers

Flashback Friday: Old Navy Performance Fleece

5 Christmas Specials I Still Watch in My 20s

Confessions of a 20-Something: I Browse for Baby Names Online

Flashback Friday: Middle School Awkwardness

Fall Reading for Twenty Somethings

Was Your College Education Worth the Money?

The Pursuit of Busyness

Flashback Friday: T.G.I.F.

Confessions of an (Occasional) Facebook Stalker


Wetpaint Entertainment

Our New York Fashion Week Picks for Vanessa Abrams

Our New York Fashion Week Picks for Blair Waldorf 


For other writing samples from my NYU writing courses and writing related to my work at NYU Stern, visit my Other Writing Samples page.


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