For other writing samples from my NYU writing courses and writing related to my work at NYU Stern, visit my Other Writing Samples page.


The Huffington Post

A Season of Darkness and Light

Broke is the New Black

Why We Need a Little Oversharing 

How to Unfriend Someone in Real Life

Confessions of a Designer Bag Lady

10 Things Gossip Girl Taught Me About Fashion

For a Good Time at the Movies, Hire a Babysitter

The Perks of Being a Blonde

Felines, Fashion’s New Muses

My September Issues

My Colorful Addiction

How I Learned To Love Being Tall

The Gloss

I Regret My $33,000 Credit Card Debt

How I Learned To Deal With My Frenemies

I Was A Real Life Gossip Girl

The Pros & Cons Of Having Big Boobs

I’m Insecure About Not Having a Boyfriend

I Met Some Guys Online And…It Was Weird

I Didn’t Have My First Kiss Until I Was 17

The 5 Craziest Things I’ve Done To Get A Guy To Like Me


10 Things You Start Doing As A Real Adult

9 Signs You Are A Broke New York City Fashionista

College Candy

5 Underappreciated Queen Bees of the 90s

The Jane Dough (now The Maude)

What We Can Learn from Celebrity Career Failures

Forever Twenty Somethings

12 Days of Gifts: What to Get Your Coworkers

Flashback Friday: Old Navy Performance Fleece

5 Christmas Specials I Still Watch in My 20s

Confessions of a 20-Something: I Browse for Baby Names Online

Flashback Friday: Middle School Awkwardness

Fall Reading for Twenty Somethings

Was Your College Education Worth the Money?

The Pursuit of Busyness

Flashback Friday: T.G.I.F.

Confessions of an (Occasional) Facebook Stalker


Wetpaint Entertainment

Our New York Fashion Week Picks for Vanessa Abrams

Our New York Fashion Week Picks for Blair Waldorf 

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